Thursday, 26 September 2013

anak ummi and baba :)

Our baby turns 34 weeks next week..we are almost there to welcoming you baby..
I can say that almost everything are ready, we just want you to be delivered happy and healthy. InsyaAllah amin...
She is now already being a clever girl, she recognize our voice. Especially her baba's voice. I always have a conversation with her, while she always responded to me by squatting, sommersaulting as well as kicking and punching.
She loves having a conversation with her baba, everynight they will have a conversation, baba will always zikir and dodoikan her. Always responded, she is a very clever girl..insyaAllah...
Sayang, if you read this in future, Ummi and Baba wants you to know that we wanted the best out of this world.
We want you to recognize the good and bad in this world. Though we are not a good person, not a good slave of Allah, we want you to try and be good muslim, insyaAllah. We want you to know that we will always by your side, even the world will never want to be by your side.
Remember, be a good muslim, be a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend, a good wife and mother in future insyaAllah..

We love you with all of our hearts.
We are blessed, even you are not born yet. We always pray to Allah to smooth my delivery, to bring you to this world. InsyaAllah amin..
You are the greatest gift for our first year anniversary. we couldn't ask for more.

Thank you Allah, for what i have now.
A husband that everyone else ask for, and a baby inside my womb.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

18 weeks of far..

yes, dah berhabuk dah blog ni..
Been busyyyy.....too many things to be done within this few weeks, all the labworks and report writing.
Alhamdulillah, baby turns 18 weeks this week. Which mean we are half way in second trimester.. another 2 weeks before our next scan appointment, which is at the date we probably will know the gender of our baby.
Alhamdulillah too, Allah make my pregnancy a little bit more or less smooth, even though i can't denied the fact that i felt easily tired in doing works. Which is normal for all mother to be. But at least i didn't experienced a heavy morning sickness, all thrown-up and puking things. Baby is sooo understanding, that ummi have to take 45 minutes bus journey to college, work in lab, doing reports etc.
Alhamdulillah, Allah give enough to everyone. Though i'm parted thousands miles away from family, but i have husband, and friends who always give supports. Plus, the technology nowadays that makes me feel near to my family. I called mum at least 1 time in two days, skyping with them once a week. That's make me feel a little near to them.
We are in the midst of preparing little by little for our baby necessary. You can't tell how excited we are. Yes, people said that it is better to prepare all of the things after you reached 5 months at least. But, we believe in Allah, we have our own reason to start preparing from now on. I will have a transfer exam in September, plus later our family will come and also we have at least to prepare for them to coming right.
InsyaAllah we keep on praying that Allah will keep HIis eyes onto us.. InsyaAllah..

till then, Keep the Positivity guys. Allah with us.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

beauty of pregnancy

I was unable to finish a plate of rice with fancy lauk. I even unable to woke up straight in morning. I cant enter the kitchen to cooks. I cant barely to look at fried chicken.
That is really not me..
This is the beauty of pregnancy.
I embrace. Its magical when you realize that someone is growing in your tummy.
Hubby was like pity me all day long. He even woke up in the night just to look after me, to make sure that i am having a blissful sleep.
He keeps kissing my forehead in morning just to give me strength to wake up for our Subuh Prayer.
Bear in mind that subuh here ended at 6am. Hello Spring :)
Yes, he said that we have to be strong in order for the baby to stay strong in my tummy.
Now, he is my everything.
Thank you Allah for him, and for this baby.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

wordless wednesday

An eye candy to all the is still early to shop, but having a target won't be called 'early'.
At this stage, my little Einstein's is developing his/her brain! go go go sayang!


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

about the last entry...

I couldnt be much much more grateful to Allah S.W.T
He fulfilled our dream, i think every marriage couple would ask for..
A child..A zuriat... It is one of the most beautiful moment in my life besides the day when me and my husband got hitched.
When you woke up in the morning, and you  just got the feeling that you are pregnant, and peeing on a stick..
and seeing a double line in front of your eyes...
I smile widely, syukur to Allah SWT, sujud syukur and even i cried...
I cried cause im feeling the loves Allah keep continuing pour onto me and my husband.
Despite how not a good muslim am I. He still assent our wish...
Alhamdulillah, this little bean will stick strongly in me..
InsyaAllah despite all the PhD works that i work on, but still my baby will keep strong.
I always ask Allah to protect me, i am too far away from my family and closest friends.
I only have my husband, whom the one forbidden me to do all the house chores. Whose always ask me to eat, asked me to have a very good rest...
InsyaAllah... Please pray for our safety, please pray for our healthy and happy 9 months.

Please pray for us..

till then,

Friday, 22 February 2013

becoming 26 years old :)

How time flew...phewww...
I am reaching 26 years old this year. Yaaa, in 8 months actually
I dont know, lately i've become more concern about my age.
I started to look closely to mirror, to look if there are a wrinkle!
ohhh myyyyyy...
Then i started to thinking, what was my achievement throughout this 5 years.
Yes, i have graduated with flying colors during my undergraduate study.
And Alhamdulillah, im in the middle of fulfilling my dreams.
Having a doctoral title insyaAllah before i reach 30 years old.
Plus, becoming a mummy to my children.
Talking about being a mummy, my heart grumble every time i look into baby's eyes.
They are sooo adorable, How Allah create such an amazing human..
I hope, i mean really hope Allah give me an opportunity to bring our zuriat into the world..
I always ask that Allah rewards us with most precious treasure in this entire world.
Its already Jumaat, hence i am actually packing up my things and going home.
ALhamdulillah, ALhamdulillah for what i have now.
I am content for what i have now.
Its just a i always asking from Allah, that i will never ever forget Him whenever i feel pleased, because i dont want to be far from You. I dont want You to never look at me..
I know, I am not a very religious person.
I am trying to becoming a good muslim.
We (me+hubby) are trying to becoming a good muslim.
We are in the middle of reading Al-Quran together with the translation whenever we have a free time.
May Allah rewards us with His love, May Allah look after us, our parents, our family and friends together with all muslims in the world.
I may not being a very good muslim (again)
But hopefully i will becoming one.. InsyaAllah.
Once again,
I want to becoming an extraordinary person, with a good deeds, good heart, and a good muslim.
Please pray for us..
Please pray Allah give us most treasure every marriage couple dreams of :)


Monday, 11 February 2013

2 months passed :)

Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani :)
alhamdulillah, akhirnya ade jgk masa nak menaip blog yg dah sunyi for almost 2 months..
for this 2 months jgk, dah start dah lab selama sebulan ni..
Alhamdulillah...syukur, Allah bagi kemudahan hidup kat sini..
Allah bagi peluang merasa susah payah hidup di perantaun ni..
Hari2 penat...isnin sampai jumaat, bgun pagi pergi kolej.
not actually  very punctual, tapi kalau rasa banyak kerja, pkul 9 dah sampai ofis..
kalau buat lab,, pukul 6 baru balik..sampai rumah pukul 7..
sampai je rumah, terus shoot dapur, nak masak untuk esok,,bukan masak untuk dinner pon :)
sebab hubby kerja, pkul 11 baru balik...
so, siapkan untuk bekal sy pg ofis and husband makan sebelum pergi kerja,
dah siap2 masak dalam pukul 9pm.
keams apa yg patut, naik katil tros pengsan,,
thats how i ended my day...everyday isnin to jumaat..
cuma jumaat tu lambat lah sikit tidur sbb esok kan nak cuti!
ALhamdulillah, sepanjang berada dekat sini, jauh dari keluarga, kawan2 tersayang menjadikan diri ni lebih dekat dengan Allah.
Setiap perkara semuanya bergantung pada Allah, semuanya dengan usaha diiringi dengan doa dan tawakkal.
Syukur sebab ada suami yang sangat positif.. Suami yang ringan tulang membantu isteri, bangun pagi terus pegi kolej.
sambil siap dress up, lepas solat subuh sama2, husband terus ke dapur..siapkan bekal nasi, buatkan roti bakar untuk wife..
Alhamdulillah, i couldnt ask for more from him..
saya cuma mahu dia bahagia bersama saya,. insyaAllah...
we grew old together, kadang2 bila tgk cermin sama2, cakap dengan dia,
biey..ayg dah umur 26 tahun..da tua dah, dulu kita kenal baru 18 :) almost 8 years i grew up with him..

Alhamdulillah, sikit pon dia x pernah berubah...berubah, berubah jadi semakin caring, semakin sayang sebab dah jadi isteri dia..
Bahagia, bahagia.. Alhamdulillah...

Bila stress, penat buat lab mesti dia ingatkan...
Kan tujuan kita dtg sini, nak belajar, bina hidup yg lebih baik..ingat pengorbanan mak, abah, family..
Yes, bukan senang nak stay positive sambil buat PhD ni, lagi2 dekat negara orang,,

Tapi, ingat niat dulu masa mintak dengan Allah  nak belajar oversea, nak jadi hamba Allah yang lebih baik..
saya mencuba, mencuab menjadi hamba Allah yang lebih baik...
nak buang semua perasaan hasad dengki, busuk hati, sakit hati, semua penyakit hati,,
nak jadi manusia dan insan yang cemerlang, hati, akal dan perlakuan!
taknak jadi orang yang biasa2..
dah cukup lama jadi orang yang biasa,,,

selalu ingatkan diri, jangan bersangka buruk pada orang lain, pandang yang baik pada orang lain.
biar, biarkan orang lain pandang kita buruk mcm mana pun..
hanya Allah tahu, siapa diri kita..
kan cantik di mata Allah itu lebih baik?

insyaAllah, mudah2an dimudahkan urusan kehidupan kami kat sini..
here's some latest picture of ours masa snow in winter last January :)

tepi tu penjara.. :)

happy face, but the fact is; its icy cold

my other half :)

SubhanALlah..Hyde Park, London

White London

teruja tengok kanak2 main slide


seronok jadi kanak2 :)

heee :)

Kensington gardens :) near to Kensington Palace :)


trying to reach up !

London Taxi :)

till then,